Map your story to strengthen your mission and communicate what matters

Data is the backbone, geography is the context, and storytelling is the key to understanding. Our customizable services bridge your story and the data.

Data Management

including data collection, validation, and integration, data modeling and analysis, and data visualization

Storytelling and data visualization

using storytelling techniques such as StoryMaps, social media content, infographics, and more

Creative, engaging maps

including the creation of interactive maps, 3D visualizations, and spatial analysis of data

Project management

including project planning, project management, strategic planning, and providing technical support

GIS training and support

providing training and support to clients to help them effectively use GIS technology

Marketing solutions

including social media and email marketing solutions to get your story out there

Environmental Education

facilitation of environmental education sessions for pre-K, elementary, middle, high school, and college students

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Training

facilitation of DEI trainings and workshops for academic and professional groups

Report Design and Preparation

provision of images and charts to summarize complex data, webpage design, print posters

Transform your data into action. Contact us today and let's work together to make sense of your geography and communicate it effectively.

Map Nerd Consulting is located on Muwekma, Ohlone, and Ramaytush land.

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