GIS Portfolio

The following are featured projects that are completed or are in progress.

Spring 2022

Water Quality and Inequity StoryMap

This StoryMap provides a template for municipalities to communicate lead exposure risks in their areas.

Winter 2021

The Demographics of Trees in Virginia

I wanted to look at how forest cover relates to race and income in Virginia. Do the relationships that past papers have show hold up here? If not, how much do these relationships differ? 

Summer 2021

Remote Sensing for Forest-Based Impact Metrics

This memo focuses on the applicability and effectiveness of remotely sensed data, such as satellite imagery or lidar, and strategies for visualizing ecosystem services at multiple scales in forest ecosystems.

Summer 2021

ArcGIS StoryMap

StoryMaps tell dynamic stories and are essential tools for conservation. A StoryMap was created to support the acquisition of over 100,000 acres of land, with a focus on displaying forest carbon.

Fall 2021

Database Management

SQL is a domain-specific language used in managing data held in relational database management systems or creating streamlined management systems. This project focused on updating and developing infrastructure for a continuous forest inventory and owl survey inventory.

Spring 2021

Canopy Height Model

A Canopy Height Model (CHM) was derived from LiDAR point clouds to aid in species population surveys.

Fall 2020

Environmental Conservation Goal Components

Five key elements of conservation plans were identified and used to establish a base for the conservation efforts organizations in California aim to achieve. For this project, existing strategic plans were investigted to provide context for the Sierra Cascade Land Trust Council’s (SCLTC) Strategic Conservation Action Plan (S-CAP).

MSU 2016-2019

Mapping Phenoregions in SAST Regions on an East African Megatransect

I received my Master’s of Science in Forestry at Michigan State University. For my thesis, I mapped phenoregions along an East African transect and visualized phenological patterns in vegetation greenness for each phenoregion.

Summer 2016

Evaluating the Spread of PRR in Alfalfa Fields

This StoryMap showcases my internship project at the Noble Research Institute with Chakradhar Mattupalli and the Carolyn Young lab.