Photo of Gloria in a forest

Gloria Desanker

a.k.a. Map Nerd

Map Nerd Consulting provides outstanding mapping, cartographic, and analyses services to entities passionate about environmental conservation, preservation, science, and justice since August of 2021. Gloria Desanker, a certified Map Nerd, has had a deep interest and connection to nature since she was young. Developing her passion for the details in nature through macro-photography and uncovering answers to questions about how ecosystems functioned.

“Gloria has a unique combination of knowledge about forestry and natural resources management, strong GIS experience, and excellent communication skills”

“Gloria is passionate about environmental justice and equity, and she always challenges others to think about how they can be better conservationists”

“Organizations that Gloria consults with are well-suited to tackle the challenges they are facing”

Remote sensing is the process of looking at the Earth’s surface from far away. This has ranged from attaching cameras to pigeons and taking pictures out of an airplane window in the 1840s, to more modern methods such as the use of cameras on drones and satellites. These cameras, though thousands of miles away, capture not only what the Earth’s surface, but the bio-chemical make up of plants, soil, and the atmosphere. It only made sense that someone with a passion for the variability in nature that could be seen at the macro level, would be more than ecstatic about the molecular detail that a satellite camera could detect.

Gloria Desanker has over 10 years of experience applying GIS and spatial analysis techniques to address environmental related issues, and has worked with a multitude of different data types both separately and in combination: Landsat 8 and other satellite imagery, OpenStreetMap shapefiles, and street tree inventory datasets; and non-spatial data such as US Census, NYC Open Data, and other demographic data summarized by municipal boundaries.

“Gloria wins the award for biggest nerd!”

Gloria founded Map Nerd Consulting to continue exploring developments in spatial data and technology, aid in the narration of environmental well-being, and ensure that the science she does is accessible to all. Rather than perpetuating the notion that ‘science is for scientists,’ Map Nerd Consulting produces science for the public good and work that can create the change we need in the world.