Gloria Desanker

a.k.a. Map Nerd

My Passion

Advocating for the representation of people who look like me and share similar experiences has been a passion of mine throughout my academic and professional career.


Being a woman of color has significantly shaped my experience in the environmental, forestry, and GIS fields and continues to shape how I want to impact these spaces.


Map Nerd Consulting’s goal is not only to share and show your stories, but to also share and spread my story in the relationships and collaborations I partake in. This Map Nerd is changed the norm of what a scientist looks like, of who belongs in nature, and breaking down barriers to the next generation of Map Nerds to come.

Science isn't just for scientists

Nature is for everyone

Information should be accessible

Growing up, I never saw people who looked like me acknowledged or celebrated in the outdoors.


Years later, and there is still a misconception about who belongs in nature, who can be a science, and who is represented in environmental spaces.


BIPOC have historically been in these spaces and continue to thrive and contribute to its succes and growth.


We belong here. We’ve been here. We continue to thrive here.

Map Nerd Consulting is located on Muwekma, Ohlone, and Ramaytush land.

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